Our therapist has used her numerous years of experience to create a professional, comfortable and personalized service to give your body the much needed attention that it truly deserves.

Only the finest quality wax is used for our clients to achieve the softest and smoothest results and we never compromise on essential hygiene standards.

XWAX Good for beginners $40
We bring your bikini line that little further in. Clippering and neatening the front which also includes half bottom
XXWAX The traditional G-String wax $45
We Clipper and shape the pubic line. Waxing around the labia and into the bottom
XXXWAX The true Brazilian Wax $55
We clipper your hair, waxing over the labia and into the bottom leaving you with desired patch of hair
XXXX WAX All off $50
For the ultimate smooth result. We clipper and wax the front, wax over the labia and into the bottom
Eyebrow Tint $20
Eyelash Tint $30
Eyelash Lift & Tint $85

Waxing Menu

Prices starting from.
Female Waxing Male Waxing
Eyebrow wax $25 Eyebrow Wax $30
Eyebrow Sculpt $25 Eyebrow Sculpture $30
Upper Lip $12 Nose $20
Chin $15 Ears $20
Nose $15 Neck $15
Under Arm $25 Under Arm $30
½ Arm $30 Full Arm $50
¾ Arm $30 Chest & Stomach $55
Full Arm $40 Back & Shoulders $50
Snail Trail $12
Product Line
Professional Body Care – Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion $25
Professional Body Care- Tea Tree Face & Body Wash $20
Exfoliating Waffle Gloves $15
Stomach $17
Lower Back $15
Back of Thigh $12
Inner Thigh $12
Standard Bikini $35
Buttocks $15
½ Bottom Leg $35
½ Top Leg $40
¾ Leg $50
Full Leg (inc. toes & feet) $60
Clipper Attachment $6
Ingrown Hair Removal $10